Stephen Preston


Stephen Preston’s performances are eclectic, varied, imaginative and adventurous. While engaged in exploring the boundaries of the potential and expressive sound-world of the baroque flute, he continues to be excited by the endlessly unfolding possibilities of historically informed performance.

His repertoire ranges from purely Baroque to totally contemporary; from acoustic to electro-acoustic and to ecosonic improvisation;from music that inaugurated the 18th century solo flute repertoire—Michel de la Barre’s Pièces pour la Flûte Traversière avec la Basse-Continueof 1704—to Edward Cowie’s The Soft Complaining Flute (written for Preston and the BBC Singers in 2004) and other 20th/21st century pieces written for the baroque flute. Plus arrangements and pilferings of pieces for Boehm flute and other instruments, such as Jacob ter Veldhuis’ The Garden of Love (originally for soprano saxophone and boom box).

Stephen’s engaging programmes offer from one to one and a half enjoyable and rewarding hours of music making for either baroque flute alone or accompanied by keyboard.

In addition, as a delightfully informative lecture, Stephen gives a performed/spoken presentation called The Bird Fancyer’s Delight: a brief history of birdsong in music sung from the song-post of a flute player.